In less than six months, Columbia’s employees are actively, and happily, working their weekly RPMs. Participants are engaged in meetings and cross-functional teams are performing better. To further enhance employee morale, Columbia has established a Culture Club that unifies employees across its three office locations and aims to provide the best work experience possible.

We led a restructuring effort to create a more efficient company, as well as identified and hired a management team with the leadership skills required to elicit maximum potential out of the staff and deliver the outcomes identified by the C-suite. With that, we documented a process for hiring a gold star team that Columbia can utilize for future personnel needs. We also established a succession plan for management as part of the company’s 5 Year plan.  

Most importantly, Columbia now understands the impact of planning for the future and the value of transparency and the effect that they have on the company’s bottom line.



​GCC implemented our F.A.P.E Methodolgy, in conjunction with other tools and resources, to create a business operating system focused on constant change management. We continue to support Columbia throughout the ongoing process. 

  • Focus – We moderated a focused discussion with Columbia’s C-suite to identify where Columbia is in the corporate lifecycle and to curate their ultimate vision. This vision, an overarching goal that will guide the company into the future, had to appeal to the C-suite, but also inspire employees to mobilize with them.

  • Analyze – Together with Columbia’s management team, we evaluated everything from the current state of the elevator industry to Columbia’s existing organizational structure, systems, and procedures. We pinpointed areas in which we could increase efficiencies and improve performance.

  • Plan – We worked with Columbia’s executive and management teams to build a 5 Year plan for the company. From that, we built 1 Year and 90 Day plans for each division, ensuring that the results identified on each were S.M.A.R.T. This was key for engaging their employees and setting them up for success.  

  • Execute – Before executing on results, we shared the vision and plan for company with all employees. Then, each division became responsible for creating and managing its own weekly RPM and are held accountable for realizing the results. We provide ongoing guidance and management training.

Having recently celebrated its 50th year and acknowledging the need to elevate and revitalize its business, Columbia reached out to GCC to help them focus on developing strategies and processes that would drive innovation, planned growth, and a transparent corporate culture that engages all team members in all

locations across the country.



From the World Trade Center to the White House, and from Carnegie Hall to LAX, Columbia Elevator has designed and manufactured the highest quality architectural cabs, entrances, and door systems for some of the United States’ most iconic buildings. A family owned and operated enterprise that launched in the mid-60s, Columbia has evolved as the industry leader in architectural elevator products.

Some of the wonderful companies we have worked with include...



LJ Blaiotta, CEO, Columbia Elevator

GCC not only understands what it takes to be focused and planned, but provides the tools and support necessary for us to be successful.  They have become an invaluable member of our team.

Lawrence M., Quality Manager, Columbia Elevator

​“I am encouraged that now [my work] may be shown to others.

Thanks for your help in bringing more awareness and introducing new skill sets to our team. 

I believe you (Erica) and Gary being introduced to Columbia are the greatest gift we have seen.”