Corporate Check-up

The 10 Question Corporate Check-up

  1. Do you know what business you're really in?

  2. Have you set a specific and measurable vision for your company?

  3. Are you an innovation-focused business? Are you growing or dying?

  4. Does your corporate culture focus on transparency, innovation and performance?

  5. Do you use KPI metrics throughout your organization and measure often?

  6. Do you have the superstar management team you need to effectively drive performance and support your staff?  

  7. Does your staff all move together as one?

  8. Are you and your management team able to effectively delegate results and responsibilities to your entire team?

  9. Is everyone waiting for you to do something?

  10. Are you constantly putting out fires and can't focus on anything else?



The power to inspire others to achieve a common goal,

thereby translating vision into reality and reality into results.

DID YOU KNOW?  About 7 out of every 10 employees are not engaged in the workplace. "Americans hate their jobs even perks don't help"