Leadership, organizational transformation and business elevation.

 Demands and expectations for leaders to drive team performance and achieve outcomes, while creating an oustanding corporate culture, have never been higher.


Your employees, customers, and stakeholders are relying on you and your management team to understand the environment in which their business operates, formulate and execute winning strategies, and strengthen organizational capabilities and core competencies.


And they want you to do more than just talk about it; they want – they expect – TO LIVE IT!



When you are ready to elevate and transform your business, Contact Us to learn more about how GCC can customize a solution to fit the goals and needs of your organization.



The GCC Methodology, F.A.P.E. (Focus, Analyze, Plan and Execute), provides a planned, measured, and transparent business operating system to drive the company.  Our system will allow you to consistently and effectively lead your company, thereby driving performance and achieving results, while building an engaging corporate culture.

GCC provides services for small to mid-size companies and can tailor its solutions for any size team, from individuals to entire organizations.      




We provide you the tools, guidance, and support to effectively: 

  • Take stock

  • Focus your vision and purpose for your organization

  • Strengthen your organization's leadership skills

  • Analyze existing organizational challenges and work with you to develop solutions

  • Identify key business results

  • Build and maintain a gold medal team

  • Implement and support GCC's F.A.P.E. business operating system  

  • Is your team working really hard, but you're still not achieving the results you want?

  • Are you so busy putting out fires that you can't focus on anything else?

  • There's so much to change and so many opportunities, you don't know what to focus on.

  • You know you need to change and transform your company, but you either don't know how or you need an outside perspective.

  • Would you describe your company's operating strategy as organized chaos?


As a start, take stock of your business with GCC's 10 Question Corporate Check-up.​​


There are plenty of courses and a wealth of information available on change management, and a myriad of “expert” consulting companies you can hire, but what sets GCC apart from everyone else is our people and the relationship of trust we build with our clients.

Typical consulting companies provide your business with a mountain of suggested changes for you to make on your own. Without any guidance, how likely are you to execute on that plan without further support? 


GCC differentiates itself by becoming a trusted member of your team, providing you with continuous operational support to most effectively implement and consistently drive your company's change management initiatives.



Tarek Hassan, CEO, Concepts, The Tannery

Being a leader in fashion retail, we were constantly being presented more opportunities then we could handle.  

Gary and his team gave us the ability to focus on what we wanted to achieve,

allowing us to cut out the noise and drive growth.